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Teaching photography at L'école du regard

Teaching at L'école du regard.
Photo Alain Conde Reis

In 2006, Savine Dosda created L'école du regard in Paris : a complete teaching program for demanding non-professionnal photographers, which was inspired from the education she had received in La Cambre. Until 2014, she passed down her approach of the photographic series and mastery of the techniques to circa 400 students.

While teaching at L'école du regard, Savine Dosda wrote and published a book on black and white photography, based on her educational methods: Apprendre à photographier en noir et blanc (Editions Eyrolles, 160 pages, 2009, ISBN: 9782212673067).

Download Savine Dosda's complete resume (PDF, French).

December 2014 : L'école du regard sticks to the parisan walls with its new design,
assuming its ideas about photography. //
La nouvelle identité visuelle de L'école du regard s'affiche sur les murs de Paris.

Affiche école du regard

Affiche de L'école du regard Affiche de L'école du regard