© Savine Dosda
2013, 13 colour and black and white photographs

— Did you see me? Asked the light.
— Yes, I did, answered the photographer.

Light has always been my major aesthetic and personal preoccupation.
This work stands in the line of my previous project Mirages, in which I used lighting and colour effects to blur the perceptions of space and time in realist photographs.
This new work, named Drawings, goes one step further: the pictures are resulting from an overwhelming relationship to light: talking to me, working on me. In those conversations, the light has different tempers: inner light; black, violent, intrusive or authoritarian; symbolic light; pure light drawing shapes; good or bad light.

In this relationship to light, I let myself be “worked on”, instead of trying to get the upper hand on the moment.
I become photosensitive, as well as the photographic support I use. It’s a double print processing, which results in captivating images. The question of subject and representation is no longer so important. More crucial is the aesthetic work on shape, and its abstract or mystical dimension.

The more abstract pictures are made when those tense conversations occurred.

The project ends with three different pictures, which give the final tone of the project: the first one is a photographic accident found on my negative: I chose to keep it for its abstract strength, and precisely because I had not consciously taken it. It’s named after an irritating sound (Crissements / Grating), which I like to imagine was the sound of light exposing that negative behind my back.

The second one is staged and expresses how one has to become its own light source when everything around goes dark.

The last one is a soothing and musical vision after the fight.